The Washington Post - February 3, 2021

"[S]tarting Feb. 12, I’ll be spending 30 minutes a week with “30 Bach.” It’s a 15-episode podcast, three years in the making, by pianist, law student and lifelong Bach-lover Lowry Yankwich, devoted to unpacking each of the composer’s timeless Goldberg Variations through an all-star cast of guest interpreters, including Simone Dinnerstein, the Borromeo String Quartet, Imani Winds, Hie-Yon Choi and Mahan Esfahani. Throughout, the Variations’ mystery and mastery are filtered through various lenses. The Post’s Philip Kennicott — author of “Counterpoint: A Memoir of Bach and Mourning” — examines the music as a source of comfort, while jazz pianist Dan Tepfer digs into it as fuel (and foundation) for improvisation."

Classical KDFC, March 30, 2021
"Lowry Yankwich
has played classical piano from an early age, but there’s one piece in particular that he’s been focused on for the past several years, even though he’s not playing professionally. It’s Bach’s Goldberg Variations, the subject of a podcast that Yankwich is producing called “30 Bach.” The title comes from the 30 variations that are sandwiched between a theme called an Aria, and its repeat, which comes at the end of the work. He’s spoken with a wide variety of guests who have been similarly engrossed in the work, either as performers or listeners. Just in the first few episodes, there are artists as varied as Simone Dinnerstein (who funded her own recording of the piece, which launched her career) and Dan Tepfer, who created a set of jazzy variations on Bach’s variations. There are also interviews with people from very different professions – like architect, nanotechnologist, and software engineer – who use the Goldbergs to prepare themselves for, or to accompany their day."

Description of 30 Bach in the San Francisco Chronicle, which selected April 15 discussion of 30 Bach as a "datebook pick."

Q&A about the making of 30 Bach for Stanford Live Magazine


April 15 talk at Stanford Live with Simone Dinnerstein and Melissa Toogood

You can read more about the event in the
SF Chronicle, which featured the event as a "Datebook Pick."

San Francisco International Piano Festival - August 2021

30 Bach was invited to open the festival with a visual journey through the 30 Goldberg Variations, as played by the performers of 30 Bach.

Watch here

Talk at Sausalito Woman's Club - February 11, 2021
featuring performance by interviewee and pianist, Rachel Breen

Classical pianist and Harvard Law student Lowry Yankwich has created the series, which features 23 interviews with leading innovators across the globe, including Angela Hewitt, Simone Dinnerstein, the Borromeo String Quartet, Imani Winds, HieYon Choi, and Mahan Esfahani, to discover why “certain songs transport us, speak to us, become like friends to us.”

Talk at Menlo School - February 12, 2021

On the day I launched the podcast, I got to visit my high school and talk to students in the chamber orchestra about the making of the project, the music of Bach, the value in understanding musical traditions from many genres and cultures, and problems of elitism in classical music.

Listener reactions

"Lowry Yankwich has created something truly special with this, and I am looking forward to following the musical journey through the Goldberg Variations in the coming weeks."

"Thrilling, moving. Drop everything and listen."

"This podcast caught my complete attention from the moment it began. Whether or not your are a Bach devotee you will find fascinating information and heavenly music here!"

"Your podcast is awesome!! I don't know anything about classical music, and still was able to understand and really enjoy the experience. What a feat!"

"Tell all your friends who love music about this extraordinary podcast."

"Wonderful first podcast! So clear, even, so interesting and of course, the music is perfection."

"It's been great learning more about a composer I personally love playing, but this podcast is very interesting even if you're not familiar with classical music. Check out 30 Bach Podcast!"

"Your podcast has sustained me the last 48 hours in ways you could never have imagined. Really well done and completely speaks to my soul."

"I loved every second of your narrative with the music playing in the Bach (haha!!!)."

"A beautiful podcast that continually surprises and delights the listener. I find myself checking eagerly to see if the next episode is available yet – and so will you! Don’t miss this podcast. A rare gift in the podcast world, intimate and informative."

"Such a wonderful exploration of a magnificent piece of music. I’m learning to appreciate it in so many new ways. Lowry Yankwich is a charming, erudite, and smart guide whose passion for the Goldberg Variations sweeps you along. He’s chosen fascinating artists to take you through the journey, each with something unique to share. This podcast is a gem!"

"I demand that everyone check out "30 Bach" podcast series about the Goldberg Variations. It's a masterpiece of music journalism and deserves every award the industry has to offer, and I was lucky to be a part of it!

"I waited 75 years to discover these 32 pieces of perfection. My wife read a timely NYT review of Lang Lang’s release last fall. Since then we listen daily. Mr. Lowry ‘s podcast adds notes to increase our appreciation. Thank you for this fine work."

"I just discovered your podcast and think it is marvelous. I hope you plan to do more"

"This wonderful show is an argument for podcasting— Personal, passionate and persuasive. Lowry unpacks this great piece with such caring and delicate precision. I know very little about the structure and playing of music, and therefore, fail to appreciate all of the intricacies of what is discussed. But even for a novice, there is much to take home in this delightful package."

"I am a jazz fan and a novice when it comes to classical. 30 Bach has opened another world for me! Every episode is beautiful and so well done. I am learning to listen to Bach and the structure of the music and making connections to other genres. I love it and I love Lowry Yankwich. He is the perfect guide to getting enjoyably lost in this wonderful journey with Bach."

"Wonderful insights into the history, musicality, and subtle meaning in these pieces. A joy to listen to the feelings and thoughts of the fine performers. I look forward to each new episode."

"These episodes offer a fascinating insight into Bach’s genius. Each episode is unique, with a wide array of approaches and interpretations which are satisfying for both musicians and relative newcomers to classical music. Highly, highly recommended!"

"Lowry makes excellent use of the podcast format to provide an entertaining and musically satisfying approach to Bach's Goldberg variations. No distracting bells and whistles, just wonderfully informative interviews and performances by great artists. This podcast will delight anyone interested in Bach's music. Thank you Steve Jobs for inventing the iPod, and thank you Lowry Yankwich for the perfect thing to put on it."

"I am so glad I stumbled into this podcast. It has been such a beautiful experience to journey through the Goldberg Variations in this way. I am a music teacher and I definitely found refreshment from this podcast and Bach’s music. Thank you for your dedication and everything was so beautifully edited and thoughtfully arranged down to the last detail. I will be listening over and over again. Please do more podcast!"

"Beautifully produced, with a superb and diverse selection of musical artists. A charming and disarming narrator that made this non-musician enthusiast fascinated but not intimidated. Bravo!"

"What a terrific, smart, introduction to, and appreciation of, the Goldberg -- and music itself. Open-minded and mind-opening."

"This podcast is possibly one of the best I've ever heard. Lowry has brought me to the Goldberg's in a beautiful way. I always look forward to car rides with my father and mother to listen to this. I have listened to it many many times and I've never gotten old of it. Likable guests and a great host. Great podcast."

"I love this. For years I have listened to the famous Glenn Gould recording without having any knowledge of the background of the masterpiece. Lowry has educated me. Not only is his personal insight refreshing but a balance of interviewing other musicians makes it, dare I say it, fun."


30 Bach received two awards in the inaugural Signal Awards for podcasting excellence in 2023. More than 1,700 podcasts from over 30 countries were entered. Over 150,000 listeners voted across all categories. In the end, 30 Bach won both the Listeners’ Choice award based upon the votes of podcast listeners (thank you!!), and was selected as the Best Stan Podcast by a panel of professional judges from the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences. For more, see https://www.signalaward.com/winners/ and this article.

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