Lowry Yankwich


"It's perhaps the music that travels best"

Feb 12, 2021
Lowry Yankwich

"It's perhaps the music that travels best": Aria

Aria. We begin where the piece begins: the "aria" on which the rest of the piece is based. This episode introduces the project, including why I embarked on this project, and how the piece inspires people today. Conversation with architect and nanoscientist who listen to the piece every day. Other guests include Simone Dinnerstein, Angela Hewitt, Jeff Scott, and Dan Tepfer.

Created by Lowry Yankwich. Editorial advice from David Schrieberg. Music credits below.

Recorded by Lowry Yankwich

Aria, Lowry Yankwich performing, Palo Alto, CA, September 8, 2020; Aria, Kristian Nyquist performing, Karlsruhe, Germany, October 23, 2017; Variation 3, Christopher Hinterhuber performing, Vienna, Austria, October 25, 2017; Variation 12, Benjamin Laude performing, New York, NY, December 5, 2017; Variation 18, Jeffrey Ladeur performing, San Francisco, CA, July 2, 2019; Variation 20, Rachel Breen performing, New York, NY, November 15, 2017; Variations 22, 24, Kevin Sun performing, Palo Alto, CA, March 14, 2018;  Variations 26, 28, HieYon Choi performing, Orleans, France, August 6, 2018.

Other recordings

Variation 7, Dan Tepfer performing, recorded by Dan Tepfer, August 11, 2019; Variation 4, Simone Dinnerstein performing, recorded at PS21 Chatham by Joel Patterson, Mountaintop Studios, July 22, 2017; Variation 13, Angela Hewitt performing (2015 recording), courtesy of Hyperion Records Ltd, London.

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